When you have no words to describe the beauty before you

There have been a few places in the world where I was so moved by what’s in front of me, that I’ve been grateful for my camera’s ability to autofocus – as my eyes are welling with tears

Clare and  I started talking about “beauty”, and how it is that we have come to inherently recognize it. There is no training that we receive, nor preparation as we grow up. We just simply know beauty when we see it. When people create art, there are often varied opinions – some people love it, and others may be indifferent or even dislike it. When Nature creates beauty, nearly all humans feel a deep and powerful sense of awe that is universal, and timeless.

People flock from all over the world to behold some of these amazing places, and ALL of them stand in wonder – gasping at the beauty nature has created. We all seem to agree on this one thing: there is immense and indescribable beauty in Nature.

Could it be that we’re all made of the same thing? From the same Source? We really do have a lot in common.

On our travels, we have met and talked to people from all over the world – India, Germany, China, Japan, Mexico, and even as far as San Diego. Even if we can’t hold a conversation, we can easily share the view, smile, and say, “beautiful!” in complete and enthusiastic agreement.

These images are from The Wave, and White Pocket on the Arizona – Utah border, near Kanab (which is a great little town, by the way). The last couple images are from the Lake Powell area, where we are currently camped.

As Clare and I entered these areas, we were simply overwhelmed with the incredible, diverse, and vibrant beauty that Mother Nature has created for us all to enjoy! It was like walking in an outdoor art gallery, with something different and engaging everywhere you walk or look. We spent the entire day in a rented Jeep, bouncing around the sandy dirt roads in search of these magical places – and how happy we are that we did!

We have been on the road now for 49 days. It has gone by so fast and we feel like there is still so much more to see just in this area alone! I’ve realized that there isn’t much more “stuff” that I need to be really happy. We have our basics in the RV and we never really feel we need anything more – well, other than my Ducati, which has been sorely missed on some of the amazing mountain roads we’ve driven.

When my life is full of appreciation for the friendly people we meet every day, and the beauty that surrounds us everywhere, then material wants just seem to be minimized. We have food, shelter, clothing, friends, and a motorcycle – and it goes with us wherever we want. What more could we ask for?

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