All is not unicorns and roses, but mostly it is.

We are currently in the middle of Southern Utah, on a little hill, with panoramic views of the orange, red, and cream colored cliffs surrounding us. It feels like we are in the middle of nowhere. No cell service, and of course, no internet. Clare didn’t realize that when I installed a cell signal booster in the RV, it did not mean we would get cell service everywhere, it meant we could make a weak signal a little stronger. Just a wee bit. She had a little separation anxiety in not being able to be in contact with home, kids, and the office — if needed. I gave her wine, she’s doing better.

It’s really amazing out here. The quiet and solitude is such a compliment to the dramatic beauty of this area. I love the giant sky and sweet, fresh air. It’s like a little slice of heaven. Last night, after setting up camp on our little knoll, we noticed some water leaking on the outside of the RV. We checked under the bathroom sink, and sure enough there was a fitting that was dripping, sending water down through the frame to the outside. Not a good thing. Fortunately, we are in the middle of nowhere and can’t take her to the repair shop to rack up a huge bill. Thankfully, I did pack an extensive tool box, including some teflon pipe tape, so we spent the evening taking the bathroom apart and contorting ourselves in to a pretzel like facsimile of a plumber. Leak halted, we laughed and acknowledged that it’s all part of the adventure. We can choose to label things as “bad”, or just take them in stride and label them “life”.

The next day the sun rose, as usual. It was gorgeous outside and we did our morning stretch and yoga routine, then packed up the moto with our hiking gear and Leo. We rode to a trailhead where we hiked 8 glorious miles through narrow canyons and sandy washes with dramatic views of the surrounding monuments. I even popped the drone out for a few aerial shots. Passing hikers were excited to see the drone and wanted to peek over my shoulder at the screen to see the view from up high.

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