We’re Kevin & Clare

  When you have one teenage boy in college and another spending part of his junior year studying in Japan, what do you do? ROAD TRIP! We decided to practice being empty nesters, if for no other reason than to keep our minds off missing our boys. We loaded up Stella with adventure gear, and... Continue Reading →

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The Journey Begins

I'm not sure where this site will lead us, but that's what life is like, right? Clare and I are about to embark on a 1-2 month journey across the US Southwest in our RV and we have a goal of not trying to over plan things and making as many personal connections as we can. I'll... Continue Reading →

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The Final Countdown

They say that re-entering earth’s atmosphere from space can be hard. If you come in too quickly, you burn up, like a meteor. The trick is to enter at the correct speed, matching your trajectory with the rotation of the earth — as much as possible. Even then, it’s a balancing act that could result... Continue Reading →

What 60 days feels like

Isn’t it funny how you expect 60 days to take forever? It’s now our 60-day “anniversary” on the road, and where we imagined we’d be tired and missing home, we are finding that we are just getting in to our groove and really enjoying living day-by-day. We’ve had some little challenges, but nothing that significant... Continue Reading →

A brush with fame and exfoliation

Right now our little RV is rocking like a small boat on a big stormy sea — and it’s not because we’re celebrating our 30-day anniversary on the road. Although we will be celebrating that tomorrow. The “New Mexico rain”, AKA the gnarly winds that provide constant exfoliation, are threatening to dismantle us. This is... Continue Reading →

Boondocking and Carlsbad

Thankfully there are people out there in the blog-o-sphere that delight in providing very detailed information on their favorite "secret" camping spots. I located one of our favorites in Utah, at Valley of the Gods, from a YouTube video. Clare took the reins and found a blog with details on a great spot, out in... Continue Reading →

Santa Fe and beyond

It has been a whirlwind few days...weeks maybe? Finding internet service that is reliable enough to upload these photos has been challenging! We had a great time in Santa Fe, during my workshop. Clare spent the days wandering the galleries and museums while I taught my photo workshop. The art vibe is pretty amazing there... Continue Reading →

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